FOUNDER FEATURE: Kwane Watson, Founder and CEO of Kare Mobile

By Taryn Skees for Amplify — February 11, 2022

Kwane Watson is the founder and CEO of Kare Mobile Inc, an innovative company with a focus on providing comprehensive oral health care in single operatory mobile dental units. After graduating from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in 1999, Dr. Watson purchased his first practice in West Louisville just a year later. In less than 5 years his practice was the largest in the area and tripled in revenue.

“I believe I have always been an entrepreneur [and] as a kid I always had entrepreneurial endeavours. As the first doctor on either side of my family my goal was only to graduate. Dental school is extremely challenging but I now understand that the rigors of professional school is preparing you for the challenges you face upon graduation,” said Watson.

In 2007 he started a high end de novo practice in Norton Commons, but soon realized his passion was serving the working class and underserved population. He sold both practices and in 2016 took a role as State Dental Director for Community Dental of Kentucky. In this position he traveled the state training doctors and providing care to those with limited oral health care options. With twenty-one years of dental experience, and as a serial entrepreneur with expertise in logistics, franchising, and real estate, Dr. Watson’s goals are to inspire and provide individual providers the opportunity to obtain affordable practice ownership and increase access to comprehensive oral health care for all.

“The gaps that exist in dentistry are well documented, we know why these areas are underserved, and I understand the challenges my collegues face to meet the needs of these communities,” said Watson. “Government organizations exist that can roughly identify provider to patient ratios. We assist areas where we can find collaboratives providers that share our desire to service them.”

In 2021, Kare Mobile partnered with Ford and Delta Dental for a giveaway which would provide a Detroit-area dentist with a fully equipped Kare Mobile van to service areas in their city. The first of these collaborative relationships is set to launch in March of this year, noting supply chain challenges hindering an earlier launch date. “We are excited for the collaborations and eagerly look forward to providing a positive impact in Detroit Michigan,” Watson said.

To further the efforts, Kare Mobile has created a WeFunder campaign with a goal of raising $200k. Watson says the capital raised will go towards creating “an Enterprise level solution of our schedule optimization logisitics software” as well as a “4th iteration of our mobile units with IOT features.” Both will allow Kare Mobile to advance the efficiancy and scalability of their business model.

Getting a business off the ground is not always easy and for Watson, capital challenges, finding the right team members that share your vision and passion, and supply chain issues have been a hinderance. But he reminds others to “believe in your vision and prepare for the journey. Entrepreneurship and running a successful business is a marathon not a sprint.”

While not born in Louisville, Kwane has called this city home for more than 30 years. He plans to stay here to grow his business. “I believe the work that we are doing in Louisville is not complete,” said Watson.

Dr. Kwane Watson has served as a consultant for industry leaders in mobile dentistry. He was the president of Kentucky Dental Society. The first president of the American Mobile Dental and Teledentistry Alliance, and Dental Director for DentaQuest and Anthem for the State of Kentucky. To learn more about Kare Mobile, visit To support Kare Mobile’s WeFunder campaign, click HERE.

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