Supercharged Membership


? Seize the Deal! ?

? EXCLUSIVE 60% OFF: Ignite Your Success with our Startup & Entrepreneur Supercharged Membership! ?

? Original Price: $1000 Annually

? LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: Unbelievable $400 Investment!

Paid members of Amplify will gain access to over $1M in perks, powered by Morrow, and a number of local service providers.

Sample of perks:

  • AWS $5,000 Value
  • Hubspot $17,000 Value
  • Dropbox $5,000 Value
  • Zendesk $3,000 Value
  • Slack $9,000 Value
  • UPS $5,000 Value
  • American Express $1,000 Value
    * And many, many others!

? Act Now! Offer Expires on January 1st, 2024.



Supercharge your Amplify Louisville experience with a paid membership ($1k annually) and gain access to over $1M in perks, powered by Morrow, our perk partner. This partnership opens up a global network to our members and provides access to an even wider range of resources, products, perks and new opportunities for your business.

Become a Supercharged Member and gain access to the global network for more:

Connect with investors within the platform to pitch to and mentors (beyond the Louisville area) to connect with to help your startup scale and guide your strategies.

Take advantage of the broader scope of resources such as additional access to capital, wellness support, subject matter experts, events and more!

Access over $1M in founder-friendly perks! $5K credit for AWS, discounts and credits for American Express, Hubspot, 99 Designs – just to name a few!

It’s Easy To Get Started:

1. Login or Create An Amplify Account
2. Choose Supercharge Membership and purchase subscription
3. Once paid, you’ll receive an invite into the perks platform and can start Redeeming Perks!


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