FOUNDER FEATURE: Lydia Henshaw, Co-Founder of Resolv, Chief Product Officer at Mindfully

By Taryn Skees for Amplify — August 12, 2022

Lydia Henshaw has always had a keen understanding for the utilization of tech to solve problems. While working as a program director for the Department of Defense in Washington DC, Henshaw had the opportunity to present funding requests for large amounts of government dollars to tackle issues like Drug Trafficking and Disaster Relief.

“I saw how powerful a disruptive technology + funding + a talented team could be in bringing great solutions to people who needed them,” said Henshaw.

This experience, combined with her own mental health journey, became a catalyst for Henshaw to leave that role and start something of her own. That is when she co-founded Resolv.

“I received a significant amount of mental health support virtually when I was in my 30s,” Henshaw said. “When my co-founder Heather and I found out that most mental illness is diagnosed by the age of 14, we realized that an early intervention platform can have a significant impact in an individual’s long term wellbeing.”

Henshaw felt that the challenges of mental health, especially for teens, needed to be addressed with a personalized, accessible and affordable approach. “Adolescence is difficult enough, without the layering on of social media and the ‘always on’ culture, the ease of access to substances like drugs and alcohol, isolation from pandemic, relationship struggles and trauma.”

Henshaw’s goal with Resolv was to allow adolescents to connect with a clinical care team without challenges like limited access to providers, needing transportation, or having to deal with the social pressures of receiving care. “What teenagers need is a frictionless experience to connect with someone who understands…who can guide their physical and mental health across the different stages of their life,” she said.

Recently acquired by Mindfully, Henshaw will serve as Chief Product Officer to continue to grow a valuable and delightful mental health experience for millions of users across the US.

As for her advice for others looking to follow their passions and start their own business, Henshaw says, “Build a support team who will guide you and push you to grow beyond your comfort zone. Identify a solid business model for your business and start working on it!”

Lydia Henshaw is a health-tech Founder and CEO, former Head of Product at Alchemy (a Proctor & Gamble company), the Founder of SowOrganic, a SaaS company that automates the process of organic food certification, and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about building and scaling solutions that improve the mental health of children, teens, and young adults. Most recently, she has done this through Resolv, a Louisville-based startup that uses tech to connect teens and young adults with practical, relatable mental health support delivered by Certified Peer Support Specialists. Following the sale of Resolv to Mindfully, Lydia now serves as Chief Product Officer for Mindfully.

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