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AmplifyLouisville.Community brings together a network of founders, investors, mentors, experts and community partners to connect, share experiences and find essential resources.

This is a virtual community built with the Louisville area startup community in mind. Here, you’ll find entrepreneurs, support organizations, investors, corporations, mentors and subject matter experts. Engage with this network to find meaningful connections, resources, products, perks and new opportunities for your business. Login and Get Started
Thanks to our sponsor, KY Innovation, there is no cost to join! Simply login and create a profile to get started. Join the forum to share content, find support and engage with others in the startup community. Access essential resources such as our curated network of mentors, capital resources, co-working spaces, programming, events and the job board. Login and Get Started

In this day and age it can be challenging for those in the startup community to navigate information, find support, essential resources and make meaningful connections by using Google searches, other social media platforms, or YouTube.

The AmplifyLouisville.Community is here to change that.

Here, founders, investors, support organizations and companies can eliminate time spent sifting through other platforms for the information they need. The Amplify community is a space of belonging and breaks down physical or other barriers to access, so that everyone in the startup community can find what they need and tap into a network of trusted resources.

This community is a support system that strengthens our startup ecosystem by aiming to give everyone in it a way to participate and open up possibilities of opportunity and growth.

“Supercharged” members pay $1k annually and will have all of the same benefits as a community member PLUS unique access to a highly-curated set of local (Louisville area) and national/global perks, accelerators, partners, and investors. Thanks to our partnership with Morrow, “Supercharged” members will receive a unique login to the “Connects” platform to begin accessing over $1M in perks such as AWS, HubSpot, Zendesk, CARTA, American Express, and many more. Terms and conditions may apply. Learn more about it here.

The Amplify navigation team is here for you! Simply submit your inquiry here and someone from our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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