Ever heard the song Girl On Fire? That’s what comes to mind as we introduce you to our Director of Community Engagement, Keionna Baker. Pronounced [ Key-awn-uh ]

“Cause they can see the flame that’s in her eyes; Watch her as she’s lighting up the night”… Keionna brings brilliance to our team. 

Not only is she passionate about helping the entrepreneurial community through programming and events, but she is an expert in developing workshops for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and does meaningful work to bridge cultural and racial gaps.

As Director of Community Engagement, she plays a critical role in Amplify’s efforts to expand the way our organization makes a difference in the education, stability, DE&I and the mental health of entrepreneurs in our community.

Superpower: strengthening relationships and building trust. Keionna is a listener and an action-taker. She works side by side with founders to understand exactly what their needs are so we can continue to bring them opportunities to network, learn, build and scale in Louisville.

Something remarkable: she’s changing the world. Keionna is also the co-founder of the successful DEI consulting and workshop company, The Elephant In the Room, which helps companies address the issues of race in the workplace resulting in strategies to help mitigate bias in the workplace and beyond.

Something personal: Born and raised in Louisville, Keionna spent time living in the San Francisco Bay Area & considers herself an honorary Bay Area girl at heart. She hopes to bring the Bay Area go-getter spirit to Louisville’s entrepreneur scene.

Keionna’s “fire”, her real life experience as an entrepreneur, and her ability to bring solutions to companies and communities make her a standout member of this team.